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What is Teamxtend

We believe that we are a new faster way to hire qualified people.

How is it done

We facilitate any company in the world in lending their own work force to any other company in the world.

What does it mean

You can hire educated, qualified, experienced people from companies that want to lend their own staff.
You can keep your own staff busy during less intensive business periods or economical gaps by lending your staff to other companies and retaining valuable people in your company.

What are the benefits:

  • Fast recruitment process - people have already been selected by other companies and proved their value.
  • Flexibility - you can add more staff during peak periods or for strict deadlines.
  • Can bid for bigger projects or jobs, knowing that human recource won't be a problem.
  • Can hire from multiple well known companies.
  • Can hire entire teams from outside.
  • You are buying a service - no headaches with hiring, laying off, paper work, payrolls, legal issues.
  • You can hire for remote online jobs also for on site jobs.
  • Saves a lot of money and time.

Quality assurance

To make this service valuable for everyone we've been building it using professionals in recruitment, law and technology. We filter companies that offer their work force or jobs, and we always collect feedback from our customers.

give us your opinion, please

Would you find this service in any way useful to you or your company ?

Thank you.